Railroad, Stationary & Inland Marine Oil Additives

railroad engine

Power generation engines are now designed with increased power output and therefore require enhanced lubricant performance. These engines are also designed to operate with a variety of fuel grades. Higher lubricant performance is also needed to compensate for lower grade fuels. MCC provides specially designed Railroad Engine Oils (RREO) and Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEO) to meet the latest industry and OEM specifications.

river barge

Key Advantages
The key to Oronite's strength is in our product formulation and field testing. Having undergone millions of operating hours in a wide variety of two-stroke (2T) and four-stroke (4T) cycle locomotive engines, the railroad engine oils are a benchmark in their market segment. In fact, some of the key United States railroad networks use only Oronite technology.

It doesn't stop there. Ongoing testing on river boat fleets validates that our products will perform to the specifications required for the inland marine industry.

And if your needs are in the stationary power industry, you can count on us there too. Since the power generation engines of today require increased output and the ability to accommodate a variety of fuel grades, we have developed additives that offer exceptional, high-performance protection. 

Every year, thousands of operating hours are accrued on our research engines in Rotterdam, on gas engines at actual compressor stations, power generation facilities, and on railroad and riverboat fleets. Product development teams in our industrial engines group ensure product performance specifications are continuously validated.