Stabilizers & Antioxidants for Diesel Fuels

MCC offers fuel antioxidants that maximize the storage life of many fuels and protect fuel systems by increasing resistance to oxidation.

Our additives also help control insoluble gum formation. In addition, by using fuel antioxidants, petroleum and biofuel refiners and marketers can meet stringent government regulations and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, including those requiring reduced emissions.

What’s more, our fuel antioxidants also meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and military specifications for aviation fuels. And, to support the expanding use of biodiesel fuels worldwide, we offer an array of biodiesel antioxidants that stabilize fuels and prevent deposit formation in diesel engines.

Diesel storage tanks

In theory, ULSD fuel should have better stability because the amount of unsaturates in the fuel has been reduced during the hydro-desulfurization process. However, this process also removes the naturally occurring stabilizers present in the fuel. This can lead to peroxide formation during storage of the fuel. In addition, blends of ULSD fuel with biodiesel have been shown to be unstable due to the oxidative instability of the biodiesel component of the blend.

MCC offers the SI Group's ETHANOX® family of antioxidants. They stabilize gasoline, diesel, biodiesel blends, lube oils, and other chemical products.